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Reid’s stories on Pittsburgh’s abysmal air quality helped the Allegheny Front win a 2009 Golden Quill Award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania for Continuing Coverage for its “Clearing the Air in Pittsburgh” series.  The judges said the series is a “wide-ranging look at an environmental issue that affects everyone, men’s health touching on government, women’s health industry and ordinary people.”   Listen to Reid’s stories about a family coping with the health effects of air pollution and what scientists say is in the air.

For the Philadelphia Inquirer, Reid reported recently on how the recession is forcing a return to boarding, and how twentysomethings are moving move back in with mom and dad.

See also Reid’s story “Coal Country Ponders a Landfill“, about the burgeoning landfill industry in Pennsylvania. It won the 2008 Golden Quill Award for best enterprise/investigative radio feature from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania.

Reid became a Republican during the 2008 election, and wrote about it on his blog, “Straight Talk Country.”

To reach Reid Frazier, contact him at reid “dot” frazier “at” verizon “dot” net.
“A Beautiful Mind” (PDF)
Pittsburgh Quarterly
Spring, tuberculosis

“Where in the World is Point Park?” (PDF)
Pittsburgh Quarterly
Summer 2008